How to turn off windows 8 auto-rotation of thumbnail view?

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Re: How to turn off windows 8 auto-rotation of thumbnail view?

TangoMan wrote:

My question is "how do you turn off thumbnail autorotation?" I use my favorite software to view, sort and rotate the pictures, but annoyingly, once a picture is rotated, windows 8 insist on rotating it even more in the windows explorer. So my portrait rotated images, probably still having "the flag", are displayed as landscape again... (they are really portrait now, but the explorer or file selector, uploader, etc display them as landscape)

Anyone knows how to make windows ignore the "rotate" flag?

I suspect that your problem can't be solved as the processing of the EXIF image rotation flag will likely be buried in the JPEG codec code.  However, it would seem that your problem isn't really that the Windows codec respects the JPEG EXIF flag, as that is what most users would want, but rather that your "favorite software" editor doesn't change the flag when it rotates the actual image data.  Perhaps you need an update of your editing software so that it edits both the image data and the rotation flag in synch?

Another idea is that, since you aren't actually using the rotation flag, you may be able to set your camera so that it doesn't set it to anything other than default as some cameras allow.  Then, once you rotate the images using your "favorite software", they will display properly from that point on with no further rotations.

Failing that, it would be quite easy to write a little utility to edit "the flag" in the JPEG image files so it contains the default setting and thus would no longer rotate the (already rotated) images, and this little utility could be set to set all the (perhaps only the previously edited) images in a folder in a flash.

Regards, GordonBGood

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