dont get this lens stuff.. i want a 35mm like my 18-200mm vr II at 35m

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Re: dont get this lens stuff.. i want a 35mm like my 18-200mm vr II at 35m

nikkorwatcher wrote:

Dennis wrote:

I think that's probably true for a lot of people, but not everybody uses FF and people learn what FOV they get from a given lens for the format they're using. You know 35mm is slightly wide. For me, 35mm is "tight normal". For the CX user, 35mm is portrait tele.

It's a shame a 50mm on DX does not get nearer the perspective of an 85mm on FX for portraits and people's hands toward the frame will look so big. And it's a shame too that an 85mm on DX doesn't have that 'kind' perspective that a 135mm has either. It was always hard to use 135mm indoors, just imagine how far back you will have to stand with a 135mm on DX...

I don't like 50mm on APS-C and manufacturers are pushing it on DX users (well, DX is a Nikon term, but Sony developed a dedicated 50mm APS-C lens for NEX and the DSLR manufacturers generally seem to think it's "good enough" since people are buying them).  I find it too long or too short for most everything.

On the other hand, I like 85mm on APS-C quite a bit.  (I don't think I ever used 135mm on film ... I had a 100mm macro lens that I used for candids).  Admittedly, it's great outdoors or for faces indoors and you can run out of room with it.  I'd really like to see a 70ish mm (fast, non-macro) lens for DX.

I did use a 135mm on APS-C for a short while - not for portraits, but I always liked 200mm on film and the 135 I had was much smaller (it was an f/2.8 lens).

- Dennis

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