A faster M 4/3 zoom

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Re: A faster M 4/3 zoom

Francis E wrote:

bedhead wrote:

"comes with the body" e.g., was designed to go with the body, and make profits.

Yes, but aren't all M 4/3 lenses designed to go with M 4/3 bodies, so the implication here is that a 'lens designed to go with the body' and sold with it as a package is likely to be inferior in some way?

The type of lenses we are talking about here, as I described the category in my post just above, are inferior to other zooms having roughly the same range of FLs in that they are rather slow. Some also have inferior build (e.g., a plastic mount). However, they are not necessarily poor optically. The 14-45 that you have is in my opinion, and that of many other people here, a very good lens whose only major shortcoming is that it is slow. If you can live with that, e.g., by supplementing it with fast primes that will help you out even better in low light and/or for shallow DoF than any zoom can, I don't think there is any reason to replace it.

My first MFT equipment consisted of a G1, a 14-45, and a 45-200, all of which bought used about one and a half years ago. A major reason for the purchase was that I wanted the 14-45. The G1 as well as the 45-200 will probably go back on our local equivalent on ebay soon (I have since bought an E-M5 and a 100-300 among other things) but the 14-45 most certainly won't.

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