Calibrating a display

Started Nov 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
rpenmanparker Contributing Member • Posts: 648
Re: Calibrating a display

Brian, I hear you. My own situation is a little different as you might expect. I am using Paint Shop Pro X4 which features always on or full time softproofing. So id I settle on an output intent, I can see the image throughout the editing procedure just as it ought to print. Hence my preference for a single monitor profile.

In my own situation with somewhat dark prints one other aspect that can be puzzling about the need to dim the monitor is that as already set, most exposures appear right on directly from the camera. It would be disconcerting if all that were wrong, and to obtain attractive prints every exposure would have to be significantly brightened as indicated by dimmer display images on seen on an aggressively dimmed display. Disconcerting but certainly not necessarily wrong.  Time will tell.

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