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Re: Composition question

nrcole wrote:

I like the distant perspective, the amount of activity (people walking), the bend in the shadows, and the contrast between the (mostly) dark-clothed people and the white statues. Printed large this is the kind of scene you could really spend time "exploring" with your eyes. Personally if I was going for this style I'd like a wider shot but that might just be me. Also taking this on a sunnier day with more vivid light might be cool.

All in all though, I like it!

Thanks for your thoughts, nrcole. I never noticed that most of the people are wearing dark clothes against a light background; juxtaposting the dark live subjects and light statues...yet all are statues in one frame of time.

IIRC, the entire space was captured on a sunny day; any wider and you'd see the metal framing the glass and the handrail. I could adjust brightness with software, or maybe adjust my exposure? Thank you for the food for thought.

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