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"but shooting jpg solely is foolishness" - funny you saying that because it was not....(more)

your money. Let them (including me :-D) be if they have equipment solely for JPG. I am happy with my 99.9% JPG use and if you are happy with your RAW, I am also happy for you.



moimoi wrote:

EvilOne wrote:

moimoi wrote:

The only reason to favor jpg against raw is laziness. I never shoot jpg.


In this case then maybe we should ignore your unreasonable and rude reply...

Laziness has nothing what so ever to do with it. Not everyone prioritises Photography in the same way... there are many more things that take precedent over Processing RAW images for me... like Family, Health, and other areas of responsibility... IM not Lazy and take offense to your premise.. I go to the gym 6 days a week, I practice and shoot competitively in pistol and bench rest competitions.. I also shoot wild life and can spend 8 hours in the woods 4 days a week. I see my grandchildren and play with them 3 days a week... I have a wife of 45 years married and she is my number one priority... and all these things take precedent over spending time processing RAW images... So as I said, your premise is rude and condescending... because "YOU " never shoot JPEG.. what does that mean to the rest of us who have much higher priorities than processing RAW images but still find that shooting snap shots and recording memories on a daily basis is in any way wrong because that's not what you do !....

fairly pathetic if you ask me...

Let's play middle ground then, shoot raw + jpg. Raw for letting the magic roll, and jpg to get instant but most likely imperfect product.

But frankly, processing raw files really takes less than a few minutes, and you get much better out of your sensor, and much better control in the output files. It almost becomes pointless to shoot 8bits jpg nowadays (only if you clients want the jpg right away), specially when the sensors are getting more and more sensitive.

Post-processing jpg files can be very destructive as well. That's certainly not the workflow I will not recommend to anyone, specially to the beginners, who need to get used to play with raw files.

Again, personally, I only care about the raw, shooting raw + jpg is no problem, but shooting jpg solely is foolishness, more especially with very expensive cameras. It is like buying a Ferrari, but driving at 65 mph...

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