APERTURE: can 350 GB of photos create a 100GB library when files are not moved to library?

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Re: APERTURE: can 350 GB of photos create a 100GB library when files are not moved to library?

noirdesir wrote:

andrzej bialuski wrote:

I just moved from LR to Aperture and this software is causing me only headaches so far.

I just can get a grip on it.

Anyway, here is the recent problem:

I just moved some files around from one USB drive to another (which is the proper photo files drive)and asked Aperture to import these files into the Aperture library.

Of course I have the option checked to keep files at their current location (external HD).

Yesterday I had 70GB free space on my internal HD and today just 3 GB left.

I checked the Aperture library file size and it is a whooping 100GB from yesterdays 14GB.

Also Aperture trash has 20011 files which cannot be removed by choosing Empty Aperture Trash.Is there a way to actually see these files?

My System Trash is empty. I am using OS 10.7.5 and the latest Aperture.

How can I checked if Aperture maybe somehow moved or copied the files into its Library?

Well, if they are no longer in there original location, they got moved. And inside Aperture, any image referenced (ie, not moved or copied into the library package) has a small arrow in the lower right corner.

While it possible that you accidentally moved or copied the images during import (or due to a bug Aperture did against your explicit instructions), I'd start the blame first in other areas: previews, faces or places database, thumbnails etc.. I remember people who had tracked down a rather gluttonous behaviour of Aperture some while ago. I'm not sure whether this was with regard to keeping thumbnails of deleted images or deleted versions but it was something in that direction.

More importantly, something is certainly rotten with your library if you can empty the Aperture trash. I'd tackle that problem first, maybe it solves the other problem as well.

Well, all images seem to be still there in their original location and they do have the little arrow showing in the right corner.  Also I was able to finally empty the aperture trash: this too about 2 hours.

Unfortunately the Library is now only 10GB smaller than before making it 89GB for 350GB of original files.

Any idea what could have gone wrong?

Actually 2 questions: should I just delete all imports and start over?


Is it better to keep my Library on same external USB drive as the photos sit, instead of having it eat up valuable space on my master drive??

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