before/after interior design lighting setup [images + shooting notes]

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Re: before/after interior design lighting setup [images + shooting notes]

Vlad S wrote:

Please do tell about the lighting. In hindsight, do you think it would have been possible to simplify it? I needed to take pictures of the design in a narrow hallway painted with glossy paint, and it was a nightmare! I found it impossible to create even lighting and avoid reflections at the same time. Ended up shooing with just the available light.


That does look like a very tricky situation! Dark colors are tough, and then throw in glossy surfaces and you do indeed have a nightmare.

I'll add some notes about my setup, but in the meantime, here's what I would initially try with yours. Please note that some of this might not work and you'd have to adjust on the fly

  • camera left, high: strobe with a shoot-through umbrella or softbox. Goal here is to get illumination levels on the right hand wall close to that of the far right side. Would have to adjust placement so that reflection doesn't hit the lens.
  • camera right, high: depending on how widely diffused the previous is, you may need to also add a snooted strobe targeted to the wall around the doorway
  • through the hallway and around the corner to the left: have a broadly diffused strobe (umbrella or bounced) light up the white walls

That should give you a decent start. There may be one or two more strobes you'd want to add as accents or to fill in more smoothly. depending on how how are able to adjust the first 3.

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