Anybody here have a D800E (I'm not trolling!)

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Re: Anybody here have a D800E (I'm not trolling!)

sansbury wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

Not trolling? but what exactly are you asking then?? (apart from does anyone here have a D800E???)

Opinions. I figured I'd find more m4/3 owners with larger-format experience here, than m4/3 owners in the Nikon forum.

£1000 for nothing but a Zeiss 35mm seems a tad of a waste to me. Great lens, sure, but you'd probably find that for landscapes etc, a £100 Nikkor AIs off ebay would do just as well.

Sure, though I've read a lot of reviews that say that the D800 sensor demands the best glass to get its full capabilities. To some extent I'm looking at a no-compromises approach here, at least within the context of FF vs. low-end medium format. If I was looking to economize I could also save a lot by going with a D600 or, heck, just sticking with the OM-D I already have and am generally very satisfied with

Hmm. Well I don't have a D800E, but I do have a vanilla D800. And an EM5.

D800 is a better camera. The EM5 is smaller and lighter. Unless you have to put equivalent lenses on, in which case it generally works out bigger, heavier and more expensive. What else do you want to know

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