Making the picture brighter and clearer indoors and low light

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Re: Making the picture brighter and clearer indoors and low light

Randaddy wrote:

You can make the image brighter (slower shutter, higher iso, bigger aperture) but it will affect clarity (slow shutter will be sensitive to camera/subject movement, higher iso generates noise, and larger aperture might not be an option depending on what lens you shoot with).


You can make the image clearer (faster shutter, lower iso) but it will negatively affect the overall exposure (brightness) of the image.


You cannot have both at the same time without perhaps upgrading to a faster lens (allows more light in so you can keep the shutter faster and iso lower).

It's all about making sacrifices in photography, keep experimenting and you'll figure out what you're willing sacrifice in order to get 'the shot'

I came here to suggest a fast lens. Something f/2 or faster.

This first photo is hand-held, manual focus, FD50 f/1.4 from about 8 feet away. In real life lighting, I couldn't make out faces other than the head shape let alone see the colors we see in the photo because it was inside of a cathedral and shrouded in shadow.

Last supper wood work that is actually in shadow on site.

A fast lens is the ticket!

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