Anybody here have a D800E (I'm not trolling!)

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Re: Anybody here have a D800E (I'm not trolling!)

sansbury wrote:

First off, I'm not looking to leave m4/3. For me, it is the perfect camera kit to carry when photography is not the only thing I'm doing. That's 90% of my life. The other 10%, I find myself wanting THE MAXIMUM.

I've been thinking lately about one thing: big prints. HUGE. 30x40. Maybe bigger! When I started souping film in my basement 20 years ago I was 16 and always lusted after a MF rig like a Pentax 645, or better yet, a 4x5 field camera, but they were way out of my league. My favorite thing is nature and landscape stuff, and I wanted to make huge prints loaded with sharp detail, infinite DOF, and so on.

I love the prints I'm getting out of my OM-D. I've gone up to 17x22 size, and I've got the bug back, only this time I'm not working in a pizza shop. So I'm thinking, what could I get if I relax constraints on size/price?

I've seen middle-aged MF setups on sale for ~$6k, like a Mamiya with a normal lens and a 22MP back. Then there's the Pentax 645D for about $10k, plus a lot of very affordable used lenses, albeit pre-digital ones. Beyond that, it starts costing more than my car, and I'm not ready for that, yet.

But then I look at the D800E. It's got twice the pixels of my OM-D, and no AA filter, which seems like enough to be a big step change in what I could get from it. I'm thinking I'd get the Zeiss ZF 35/F2 to go with it, because that's proven to be my golden focal length throughout the years. With filters and a proper ball head, I'd be out $6k by the time I'm done.

My father taught me, "buy the best and you'll only cry once." That's why I got the OM-D and I've loved it. I could probably wait a year, stockpile some cash, and see if I could get into a used P45 back, or something like that. But I've also seen a lot of practical reviews that say the D800E can run with MF out to pretty daunting print sizes.

At this point I'm mostly thinking about renting a kit for a long weekend when I can spend some time with it and my existing setup to see how much more I'll get for the added cost and weight. The only thing I know for sure is that I'm not going to ditch my m4/3 setup, because it's just too perfect for the 90% of my time when I'll be perfectly happy with 17x22 prints.

I have the D800 so can't help personally , but from past conversations, I know the poster called god speaks owns the D800E , and as she also uses mFT she may be a good source of advice. If as your interest in the Zeiss 35mm suggests don't mind manual focus , might I suggest a look at the Samyang 35mm F1.4 as it competes very well with the high end alternatives for a fraction of the price. I have had a wee try of a friends which has convinced me to buy my own. Good luck whatever you decide ,if your finances allow I find that an mFT FF combination to be excellent and it covers all my bases.


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