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Re: Composition question

Tommygun45 wrote:

I am by no means an expert on the subject but I like this picture. I think I like 3 things about it.

1. The people and the statues are all kind of the subjects. A picture almost makes statues out of people if you think about it. It freezes their motion for eternity. Statues are typically intended to do the same thing right? Since the people and the statues are both casting similar shadows it can be kind of symbolic. (I just made this up but it seems to make sense)

2. The depth. This picture reminds me of one of those relativistic paintings of endless stairs. The people are on all different levels but its kind of difficult to make that out without actually looking close.

3. And obviously thats not distortion on the left side, but it even adds to the quasi mind bending nature of the picture. Given that everything is in fact appropriately lined up, but the banisters are casting rounded shadows, it makes it require more analysis and makes it more interesting.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tommygun45! Freezing people as statues; a metaphysical statement about photography. Deep.

Speaking of deep, I can see what you're saying about depth as well; like everything is on one plane, but not, but is, or is it?

I also like your point 3; while it is easy to mistake the rounded shadows of the left side of the grid, it is yet another area that makes me look twice.

Very cool. Thank you.

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