Hate to admit it, but I have the AF issue. Going to make a case with Nikon. Any advice?

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Re: Didn't you say you know how to test focus?

olyflyer wrote:

...because these test images proof the opposite to my eyes. Your test target is wrong, you are also "testing" in an angle and you post a link which you don't use as reference. Why?

What's wrong with testing a camera the way Nikon describes it in the link you provided to me? I have know about this as long as I have been shooting with AF cameras and the only proper home test is this one:


Everything else just adds to the hysteria and is providing false "evidence" without any value. Instead of making fun of page 100 of the manual, read it and try to understand it and after that read that Nikon web page about focus test and nothing more needs to be read or invented. Creating those pointless test charts is just what it is, pointless waste of time. What's wrong with the Nikon recommendations? Don't you think they know what they are doing?

I'll try to be calm and answer your points. But I would suggest that you are more polite.

- The target: The targets on the box are the one used by Focal, a software used to fine tune lens, and my experience is that it is fine. The target which is a sign works well too. All the targets I have tested work well in good light conditions (front cover of books as in the Nikon link, horizontal black and white lines with different width as used in Nikon facilities, USAF targets). They all give the same results.

- The Angle: You might refer to the 35mm shots. If you do the math, the error on the ground because of the angle is: error = (height of the camera / distance to target) * (height of the focus point). In my case, this is (1 m / 2 m) * 10 cm = 5 cm. So the error because of that is therefore in the 5 cm range. The error I can read on the ground is about 70 cm. So, it is not because of that.

I have nothing against the method given by Nikon Europe which is perfectly fine. I am not the one you keeps trashing others people method.

I just find funny that anymore using this method would be trashed by Leonard because Leonard would claim that the target is wrong.

For your information, here is the test done the Nikon Way with the AFS 85mm f1.8.

Focused on the book (The "FL") with the left AF sensor. It is a nice backfocus, the same as the one above.

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