Hasselblad 40Mp and D800 , a little surprise

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Re: Hasselblad 40Mp and D800 , a little surprise

i have a pentax 645d similar sensor. and a k5. k5 use the same technology sensor as d800, they are simply different size. the d800 is ff the k5 is apsc but if you look at dxo the difference are just in size. so considering both sensor the carachtristic of image between the k5 d7000 and d800 are not different, large dr better noise capapbility.

using the pentax 645d in the last week i realized how much better the QUALITY of the image is, and i 'm not talking about resolution. in real life , not in studio shot like this, the 645d is simply much better. the images have a better tone, more natural quality, dr is similar, but the dr in 645d or hassy is much recoverable in highltights and this is better in my opinion. in addiction the lens are top notch corner to corner sharpness, zero fringing zero artifacts, the wide are tack sharp. the 4:3 is super for composing the imae compared to 3:2. and then how the bigger sensor smooth the blur part of the photo is something to be seen, even if you use the faster ff lenses at 1,4 the transiction is not so smooth so natural.

all in all both great cameras. i prefer 645d IQ and i suggest people to rent a back and try it for some time in real situation. I have also to say that i paid for a used as new 645d 4900 euro, so my choiche was simplier. clearly at 15000 i would choose probably the d800.

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