Opinion on SLR/n vs other options

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Re: Opinion on SLR/n vs other options

Laughable maybe. I dont find it funny that CFA in 1D X is pretty much approaching quality of one in 1Ds (yes that original one). Even tho I like black and white photos, I do like colors too. And since 1D X is sold as color photos capable camera I would prefer if it was capable of decent colors. Which 1DMK3 was.

But when camera red channel picks up 50% red, 44% green and 6% blue, then Im sorry but that really not only isnt ideal, thats frankly pretty terrible. 1DMK3 and 1DsMK3 wasnt ideal too, but that difference was higher and it is visible in photos. Unless you are colorblind.

And about 11 eV (screen DR, not downsampled print) from 18 mpix FF? That is laughable today.. Im pretty sure that could even that ages old Kodak beat.

No there is no pixie dust in Kodak SLR/n. Theres just ages old CMOS with superb CFA and pretty amazing DR. Not only by standarts when it was made, but even by today. But ofc, its old and full of issues..

Its just sorta sad that today new cams not only are not improving in color department, but they are degrading pretty fast. With some exceptions here and there. Canon camp excluded, nothing good new left there..

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