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Re: Are there any truly bad cameras? That nobody likes?

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since there are so many comparisons in different threads and forums with the different manufacturers, and sometimes a "mine is better than yours" syndrome appears often when simply discussing different technical aspects of bodies.........what actually is bad camera and why?

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These days most cameras are capable of very good image quality when it comes to reasonably good lighting conditions (although better lenses and stability will separate the very good from the truly excellent). So I'm going to leave image quality concerns out of it since that is kind of a given, and focus on things like features, ergonomics, looks, versatility (including lens choice), responsiveness, accuracy, etc. These are things that are either subjective (ergonomics or looks) or that are not necessarily requirements for all photographers (not everyone is concerned about responsiveness or AF accuracy).

A bad camera for one photographer may not be a bad camera for all photographers (unless it is just a total brick of a camera). I suppose there are some cameras out there that are so buggy and uncomfortable (or that have such glaring and unusual image quality issues) that almost nobody likes them. You could have a look here:


It has been a long time since DPReview declared a camera as being simply below average. More recent cameras that have scored lower than most include things like the Sigma DP1 and Ricoh GXR. Cameras that certainly appeal to some photographers, but that have issues that limit their appeal for the masses.

As far as m4/3 goes, some of the first generation PEN and Panasonic cameras scored in the 60s, while their newer versions score much higher. Improvements in image quality (especially high ISO), autofocus speed (at least among the PENs), and new features like better stabilization and better lenses have helped raise these scores.

Your question gets to the core of why discussions here go bad: Just because a camera is wrong for my needs doesn't make it wrong for yours. You might see something in a camera that I just think is horrible and vice versa. When we make blanketed statements like "Model X is a bad camera," or "Model X is better than Y" without acknowledging the complexity of these machines and the diversity among photographers' needs, we lower the quality of discourse.

But I'm still eager to read about  what cameras people think are terrible, because I'm curious that way

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