Anybody here have a D800E (I'm not trolling!)

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Re: Anybody here have a D800E (I'm not trolling!)

Also in fairness, this was taken with the 14-42 II kit zoom, because I was on the run and didn't have time to swap lenses, filters, etc. before I lost the light. I'm eagerly awaiting the Oly 17/1.8 to see how much more that gives me, and even though I'm less in love with the length, the Schneider 14 might be really interesting.

I have a couple comparison shots I took with both the 14-42 and the Pany 20 and while the 20 is undeniably sharper, the images as a whole just didn't do anything extra for me. I'm hanging onto it for size/speed until I see what the 17 can do, but the rest of the time the 14-42 has been good to me.

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