Want to break into "pro" market - need advice on gear change from NEX-7 and marketing

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Re: Want to break into "pro" market - need advice on gear change from NEX-7 and marketing
But, at this point, I'd forget the gear questions and focus on bigger issues:

* How are you going to market/promote the service and build a reputation?

I'm going to talk to friends about doing photo sessions so I can build a decent cross section of portfolio shots. I already have a lot I can put up too. My reputation will have to be built up slowly while I work on jobs around town. Business cards will be a must when I'm out and about doing shoots.

* How are you going to differentiate yourself from all the other pros and wannabe pros in your area?

I think a more casual, low-pressure approach is what I like, so maybe that'll be something I can offer. I don't like the studio, fashion shot thing, so that'll be the basis of my approach. Is it unusual to do photo shoots in someone's home or is that weird? Lighting is usually pretty bad in home settings for photos, so that might be the first thing to consider in this case.

* What will you actually sell (prints, videos?) and how will you charge for those products? People expect JPEG's to be free but they'll pay a premium for well designed classy albums. Folks don't want bare prints -- so even if you have your regular prints made at Costco, you should probably be mounting them in card mounts or similar with your own branding etc.

So you're saying to try to offer more than just prints, but more of a turn-key approach like photo albums, etc. I like that idea.

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