Dear DPReview, what is Nudity ?

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Re: Dear DPReview, what is Nudity ?

Harveydad wrote:

I shall be interested to see what the final, acceptable-to-all, definition of "NUDITY" is. Such specific definition could well go down in history, since it has never been done before. Probably the best guidance lies somewhere in the phrase "in the eye of the beholder".........

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POGO was right !

Let's approach this backwards, and look at what constitutes the minimum cover that the body has to wear in order to be seen by the general public. Like on public beaches.*

Well, seeing those covered parts of the body uncovered might be defined as "nudity".

In this World of ours, where in the 21st Century women on one beach wear three pieces of string, while on the other side women soak themselves covered from head to toes, this definition might seem a tad less than precise.

Think swimwear, I guess. Stupid but safe...

* ... further dependent upon what kind of public, and what beach we're thinking of...

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