Anybody here have a D800E (I'm not trolling!)

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Re: Anybody here have a D800E (I'm not trolling!)

Some beautiful stuff there.

This is one of my recent shots that has me asking the question. In general I'm really happy with it, but I feel like it's one of those scenes where there's no such thing as too many MP.

The flip side of all this is that one thing about m4/3 I didn't appreciate going in was how dramatic the difference in DOF would be vs 35mm. At f8 it's easy to get near-infinite DOF even with a lot of detail in the foreground. I wonder what the effective resolution would be on FF stopped down to f16.  There's always focus-stacking too, but that would be very hard to pull off here since the wind was blowing the grass around. Everybody here talks about the DOF as a disadvantage for m4/3 but for my preferred subjects it's been a huge advantage.

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