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Re: Something has been moved or deleted

bobshir wrote:

Thanks for that good info..i uninstalled View NX then downloaded it again but the same thing happened clicking on the desktop icon doesn`t open the program or going into the program files doesn`t open it from there either..i`m afraid i`ll give up cos i`m not that savvy with computers but thanks for a great explanation from you......

Does it make any difference if you right-click the EXE file and choose "run as administrator"?

Also, do you have another user account perhaps? Is the same error being reported if you log on as that other account and then try to start the app from there?

These are all vague "wild stab in the dark" troubleshooting suggestions, but it's not easy to go further without getting rather technical. If you can call upon the services of a friendly local geek, the thing to do would be to run the View NX startup under "Process Monitor" (ProcMon) from Sysinternals, and to search the log for failing object access attempts.

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