How to get highlights on wine glasses?

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This is how it is done

For the black highlights on the glass with a blackground is simple.

1. Evenly light the white background, no more than a 1/2 stop more than what a meter reading tells you what to do.

2. Place the glass between the background and the camera. Keep the camera 1/2 way between the top and bottom of glass.

3. The light will go through the thinner parts of the glass (this is called transmitted light).  The edges of the glass because they are curved more will not transmit light, but will give you black outlines (which you refer to as "black hilights"

3. Try using thin strips of mirror (in various widths) to give you the white highlights on the front side of the glass.

I used to have a commercial studio in mid-town Manhattan and did shooting for liquor packaging, regular glass and crystal glass and glass art for Corning,  a prominent crystal manufacturer.

To do the black background, use a curved piece of black art paper properly supported not to get wrinkles. Place the glass on it some where the front portion so you have black in front of it and enough to curve up the support. Use an Exacto knife and go around the base of the glass. Place a piece if matte acetate diffusion material (available in art supply stores) under the black hole.  Light from below will illuminate the glass to a certain extent, but you will probably use small strip lights for the white highlights.

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