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D Cox wrote:

Ichinichi wrote:

rogatsby wrote:

Ichinichi wrote:

rogatsby wrote:

Ichinichi wrote:

I snapped this quick image out of an upper story internal window at the Louvre and upon review it really appealed to me; something about the placement or spacing of statues, people and foliage? Or the architecture? or lines? ????

Can someone explain? Or is it just appealing to me?

I see. But the pic still doesn't look right for some reason. But nice try.

Uh, so you come in here, don't look carefully, claim distortion, you're shown that you're wrong, and you give me a condescending "nice try"?

Jeez, any real input from more experienced members?

My input is that is a good, and unusual, photo.

Perhaps its appeal may be that the architecture and the statues follow a rectangular grid, and the shadow seems to fit into the grid, almost like a diagram.

Trying to explain the quality of a work of art in words is a hopeless enterprise, no more useful than taking a photograph to explain a piece of music.

Anyway, this one works.

Thanks, D Cox. That's an interesting observation, hypothesis, and philosophy. Thanks for your input and kind words.

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