Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Re: Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

Thanks for all this.  Lots of info here. I'll be referring back to this post for sure!

If I'm reading this correctly, a Logitech bluetooth mouse can be used on an apple computer and will give you the left click / right click functionality like on a PC?

There is something to be said of not having to be the 24/7 tech support of family members!

Tee1up wrote:

Mac and to some extent PC's are trying to move people away from managing directory/file structures and instead focus on using the various search tools to locate files. On the mac platform I miss the ability to cut and paste files (these structures are important if you do things like web work). Too often I find myself having to copy/paste and then going back and deleting from the original location. Not a big deal but I miss that.

Also, if you are used to closing the program with the red x (top right) you will find the 3 colored jelly beans top left now. The red one closes the window but does not turn the program off (command Q for that).

Don't get me wrong. These are pretty minor quibbles. The workflow advantages are huge for me and I depend on these machines for my livelihood I feel like my Mac is a responsive employee now rather than the other way around.

I think you will be surprised how quickly you get used to the machine. I turned all my family and friends on to Macs and it has been great for me...I never have to fix their computers...they just keep running.

  • Learn the keyboard short-cuts.
  • I prefer a Logitech bluetooth mouse to the Apple mice. 2 buttons and a wheel make more sense to me.
  • Spend time getting to know the System preferences area. It is like the windows Control Panel. For example, by default, your mac is set to only get new programs from the App store.
  • Google Chrome is my default browser. I use Safari and Firefox for testing purposes but Chrome still feels quicker and less obtrusive.
  • I'm not a big time machine fan for back-ups. I use SuperDuper and an external hard-drive. It makes an exact copy of my hard-drive and I can even boot from the external drive. I also have the free google drive installed and all my docs go there and are automatically backed up (synched) to my google account.
  • Get a free copy of VLC for all your video needs. Make it the default for all formats.
  • Get a free copy of Handbrake if you like converting video for use on your ipod/iphone.
  • I don't like iPhoto. I love Aperture for managing photos.
  • I love a program called 1Password for managing all my (and my client's) password needs.
  • I like knowing which programs are calling home. A program called Lil Snitch allows me to control this at will. Excellent program.
  • Use the dock for your most used programs. right-click to get rid of programs and utilities you don't use. I really like the dock.
  • Windows really needs to look at how easy it is to manage wireless connections on the Mac.
  • Command-Control-Shift-4 turns your mouse pointer into a selectable screen capture tool. I use this all the time.

Again, don't listen to peeps moaning about the cost of machines. I have a couple machines and even my 2007 macbook is perfectly usable. Get one ASAP.

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