Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

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Re: Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

More misinformation. On my part of the world the p7700 has more detail. Back away from screen a few feet and take another look.

Canon does not change sharpening settings when switched from Standard to Neutral or Vivid.

Nikon, on the other hand, increases in-camera sharpening by +1 when switched from Neutral to Standard, and to +2 when switched to Vivid.

Nikon's output is a tad oversharpened by default when using Standard JPEG settings.

Also it has less DR than G15:

"... the P7700 recorded slightly lower dynamic range numbers than its direct competitors, including the Canon G15 and Olympus XZ-2. At base ISO, it captured 6.79 stops of “high-quality” dynamic range, which is about 1 stop less than we’ve seen from the best performers in this test."

Also it has a bit worse Auto White Balance. I am not a fan correcting it for every third picture I make.

Also, look and the purple-bluish colors that are sometimes to be found in the high contrast areas of the image.

Nikon P7700 Purple Halos - Real World

This is REAL world.

Nikon P7700 is a great camera that stil has some small let-downs.

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