OM-D: Black/Silver Quality or Usability Differences?

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Re: OM-D: Black/Silver Quality or Usability Differences?

Kevdog wrote:

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Bob Tullis wrote:

I have both - the silver gets more comments (is that a film body?)..

Yeah, many folks have mistaken the silver one for an old Pentax.

That's why I bought the Silver. Funny enough my Dad gave me an old film Pentax camera back when I was 10. I still have it. Shooting with the silver E-M5 reminds me of him.

My parents gave me a Canon A-1 which is black. Thus I've always felt quite at home with all my SLRs and DSLRs in black. Having a silver OMD I often pause and turn it over in my hands. Sometimes I think it looks damn sharp. Other times I wish I had a nice boring, black camera.

I tend to get more comments from people with the silver OMD as well. Mostly the "Oh, that is an old camera/film body" followed by them wanting to pick it up because they think it is such a nice looking camera. That doesn't happen with a boring black camera. I bought my OMD used which is why I was relaxed on the colour. If I had known it would be a grabby hipster magnet, I would have been more fussy.

I actually discussed the colour with the previous owner who also had a black OMD. He found the silver one to be easier for street because people perceived it as an older, film body. The black one still gave off the DSLR creeper vibe.

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