Educate me: Sony new Alpha such as 77 vs Panasonic GH series

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Re: Educate me: Sony new Alpha such as 77 vs Panasonic GH series

I've shot extensively with the GH2, sold it for the A65, have the EM5, and am considering the GH3.

Sony is probably better for stills. All indications are that the GH3 sensor will be equivalent to the EM5, which means effectively identical performance to the Sony A57/A65/A77. But it is a faster camera with PDAF and better burst rate. The caveat is that Sony JPEGs suck. I'm sorry but they're practically bottom of the barrel, similar to the older JPEG processing seen on the pre-G3 Panasonics. You're shooting a GH1 now, so if you're content with that then I would not consider the Sony cameras a problems by any means. The GH3 is likely to be slightly better though, and of course the Olympus JPEGs are a cut above. (Up to ISO 3200. Higher than that, the processing on Olympus suddenly and violently degrades.)

On the video side, the Sony's not bad. Pretty good in fact. But oh boy, pull it up side by side against hacked GH2 footage and the difference is night and day. Sharper, crisper, cleaner. Not very forgiving about dynamic range, and the Sony stabilization seems to be better to me. But in terms of sheer output quality, the hacked GH2 is a world apart. That's not an indictment of the very competent Sony, don't get me wrong, but it's just not in the same league.

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