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verybiglebowski wrote:

Ichinichi wrote:

I snapped this quick image out of an upper story internal window at the Louvre and upon review it really appealed to me; something about the placement or spacing of statues, people and foliage? Or the architecture? or lines? ????

Can someone explain? Or is it just appealing to me?

Edit: Unprocessed JPEG from Canon FD 24mm f/2 on Sony NEX 5N

Take it as just my personnel opinion. Attraction of an image can be caused by contrast. Contrast could be found in a color, space, or even content.

In this case, I believe that contrast is built by regular pattern of a roof shades and chaos created by the rest of a image. Looking carefully, you might find also the closer tree and biggest sculpture to create a diagonal, which is giving it - bit of dynamics.

However, I wouldn't look in the composition field when judging this photo. There is very few right about it. It works as a snapshot - nicely captured momentum, with a pleasant positive light and color and interesting shade pattern. But, try to think about it again, and if you can, get back to the place. I am sure you will come with better photo.

Just my 2c.

WOW! THANKS! Lots to think about. I'd love to get back there again! Thank you also for delineating attraction and composition. More to read about. Exactly what I'm hoping for. Thank you, VBL!

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