Z990 and speed issue

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Re: Z990 and speed issue

thanks for great input.

chiue wrote:

Gregory Chang wrote:

I see some have noted slow writing times especially when the SD card has many pictures on it.

Is there a way to improve the speed?, I plan to get amazon Class 10, 16G card. Will plan on installing latest firmware if that is possible.

I've used the 990 for about a year and like the results. Yes, the 990 could become sluggish when there are many pictures (say over 100) in the card. And the continue shooting time is not fast. I get about 10 to 12 shots in 30 sec (by half press the shutter after each shot). So depend on your application, put that into your consideration.

Regarding your 2nd Q: there is no definite answers. Some members claims they got improvement with a super fast card, some notice improvement with reformat the card with SD Formatter 3.1. To me I've tried the SD Formatter to reformat the card and have tried Class 10, Class 6, Class 4 but unfortunitly don't seems to improve the speed for me. So my take is, the bottle neck is the camera hardware.

Other than that, the 990 is a very capable camera in a lot of areas. Provide that you can accept the slowness and some weird logic in the menu and operation. Having said that I'm happy with mine.

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