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Ichinichi wrote:

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I snapped this quick image out of an upper story internal window at the Louvre and upon review it really appealed to me; something about the placement or spacing of statues, people and foliage? Or the architecture? or lines? ????

Can someone explain? Or is it just appealing to me?

Edit: Unprocessed JPEG from Canon FD 24mm f/2 on Sony NEX 5N

There is a fair amount of distortion in this photo. Do you notice it, especially on the left side?

I presume you're judging by the shadow lines? The roof is a semi cylinder (not sure what the architectural name is) and I think distortion would have affected the pillars in the top left and the woman in the middle left, which I do not see. Also, if you look at the original size, you'll see the connecting lines between the stone/marble floor - they're straight. Distortion would impact everything, not just the roof shadow.

I see. But the pic still doesn't look right for some reason. But nice try.

Uh, so you come in here, don't look carefully, claim distortion, you're shown that you're wrong, and you give me a condescending "nice try"?

Jeez, any real input from more experienced members?

Hey, there is nothing special about your photo. It doesn't show awesome composition, doesn't have great sharpness, and just looks off. Most of all, your initial post can be paraphrased in simple English as follows:

"I took this photograph and it is so awesome. Can someone tell me why it is so awesome?"

What response did you expect?

I expect helpful answers or suggestions from people what I may find appealing so that I can go out and do or look out for more of those things. I said the photo appealed to me, not that it is absolutely awesome; clearly you're not reading nor looking at photos carefully, let alone qualified to summarize anything into simple English.

Furthermore, I certainly did not expect some troll who cannot tell the difference between shadows and distortion to bluster on about distortion or things being "off" in undefinable terms. Your post demonstrates quite obviously that you have no idea what you're talking about; please go practice taking more photos of wine bottles and get out of my thread.

OK lol

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