How does DMW-FA1 attach?

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I have the DMW-FA1

jrichmond wrote:

Does anyone know hoe the DMW-FA1 attaches to the LX7? On previous
LX cameras a tube converter was necessary and the lens moved in and
out through the tube. However, the DMW-FA1 looks like just a thin
ring. Does this mean that it attaches directly to the lens? I can't quite see
how that would work given the construction...

I purchased a DMW-FA1 on eBay from Japan. It arrived at my home in about 8 days. Price: $28 + $11 shipping (approximate numbers). Yes, expensive, but I wanted that cute Lumix lens cap that comes with it! (smile)

The FA1 attaches to the front of the lens. Twist off the small collar that's already attached. Be careful, it can be on there rather tightly. Carefully match threads and twist on the FA1. It is a tiny bit tricky; this is a very small and thin ring. Once it's attached, you can thread on a 37mm filter with no problem whatsoever.

I'm using a B+W UV MRC filter everyday. It works beautifully. Looking at images at 100%, I see no difference in sharpness or contrast between the naked lens photos and those with the B+W UV filter. There is no vignetting, and that front lens element is protected!

I am testing a standard B+W 37mm Circular Polarizer too. So far, I've seen no vignetting, even at the widest setting, but I have to do a more formal test while mounted on my tripod.

I'm looking for a way to more tightly attach the FA1 to the lens, but not permanently. The FA1 tends to stick to the filter, so twisting off the filter also twists the FA1 off the lens. Separating the filter and the FA1 has proven a bit tricky. I need to dig out my filter wrenches and keep them handy. Be assured, this is not a big problem, I just mention it.

The supplied lens cap does not have a provision to loop the retainter string through it and attach to the body like the original cap does. I'm going to have to buy a third party sticky-dot lens cap retainer.

Jim Pilcher
Summit County, Colorado, USA

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