X-S1 giving my DSLR a run for the money

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Re: not really ...

coaltrain wrote:

I won't be giving up my Pentax gear anytime soon, but I am happy enough with the X-S1 that it will stay in the stable for a while. The longest lens I have for the Pentax is the FA* 300 4.5 which is an IQ king, but not really long enough for some of my work (450mm equivalent). When I bought the X-S1 I was hoping that it would help fill in for longer shots being 624mm equivalent. It will work for me for that intended use and for me much better than spending $4K on an auto-focus FA*400 lens.

This is a big problem with DLSR, even partial-frame APS-C - long lenses are just too big, heavy, and (especially) expensive.

My long-range prediction is that the Nikon 1, or similar system, will eventually prevail for bird photography.

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