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Re: Composition question

Ichinichi wrote:

I snapped this quick image out of an upper story internal window at the Louvre and upon review it really appealed to me; something about the placement or spacing of statues, people and foliage? Or the architecture? or lines? ????

Can someone explain? Or is it just appealing to me?

Edit: Unprocessed JPEG from Canon FD 24mm f/2 on Sony NEX 5N

Take it as just my personnel opinion. Attraction of an image can be caused by contrast. Contrast could be found in a color, space, or even content.

In this case, I believe that contrast is built by regular pattern of a roof shades and chaos created by the rest of a image. Looking carefully, you might find also the closer tree and biggest sculpture to create a diagonal, which is giving it - bit of dynamics.

However, I wouldn't look in the composition field when judging this photo. There is very few right about it. It works as a snapshot - nicely captured momentum, with a pleasant positive light and color and interesting shade pattern. But, try to think about it again, and if you can, get back to the place. I am sure you will come with better photo.

Just my 2c.

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