Another over priced 5D III post.

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are you unhappy with your camera?

I'd think that everyone should know by now that cameras/cars/bikes/and almost ALL products are released at a higher price than they sell for 6 months/a year later.  It's just part of a product's life cycle...seems like electronics show this even more so.  SO, if you buy them in the first 6 months when they're released, just know that you'll see others buying them cheaper a little down the road.

The only question that should really matter to you (or any comsumer) is: do you feel as though the product you buy is worth what you payed for it?  If it was, then it shouldn't matter what anyone else pays for it.  I would have LOVED to get on one of those adorama ebay dumps, but payed about $200 more from another ebay deal....  If the price drops for december/christmas (even if it drops to $2500, which it won"t), I still won't be disappointed in my purchase.  This is a beautiful camera that gives me better images than I've ever shot before.  It's worth every penny of what I payed for it--regardless of what the price does in the future.

Same deal when I've bought computers and other goods....sure the price drops and I watch friends getting the same thing for less $.  But my happiness with my purchase is 100% dependent on whether the product is worth what I payed for it....period.

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