Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

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Re: Canon G15 vs G12 vs P7700 studio comparison tool

Minh Ta wrote:

How do you know that your sample pic doesn't suffer from out of focus or some weird optical defects? Any chance to post the full size picture?

First, object is not out of focus. At distance in question and with settings in question all of the area is supposed to be well within DOF.

That leaves us with two possibilities: optical misalignment (which many people have complained about here with previous G* and S* series) or very heavy curvature of the field (which I have seen happen when manufacturers go for fast lens on compact body designs). I have tried two copies of G15. Both of them showed same behavior. Actually, shot I posted is one from "better" copy of the two, first one was worse. In the end it doesn't matter to me what exact culprit is, two copies in a row is bad enough, G15 went back.

If it's a studio sample, the condition is more or less controlled. Somehow studio samples from dpreview, dcresource, imaging-resource appear to confirm the sharpness of Canon G15. Don't you think it's a bit weird that the different reviewers see the same thing?

And what makes my test not controlled? And don't you think it is weird to judge performance of camera way all these review sites make us do it, based on one shot from relatively short distance at one focal length with closed down aperture when people will be using it across all apertures and all focal lengths and all distances?

And don't you think I shouldn't care do review sites (that might be getting their test cameras from manufacturers instead of off the shelf like regular consumers do) show sharp pictures in their rather narrow use test when two copies in the row I got were showing results I just showed you?

And don't you think you shouldn't be too heavily depending on review sites? Case in point: DPR's review of RX100 makes it look great in studio scene. But go and read how many people had issue with multiple copies showing heavy optical misalignment for objects at infinity. Imaging-Resource mentioned in their review they noticed it but DPR didn't mention anything.

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