Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

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Re: Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

Robert Garcia NYC wrote:

Okay, G1x is best then Sony lastly G15. Happy now? Sonys default is soft it needs a bump up or two on sharpness, old news.

Also, compare iso 800 to iso 800, etc..

Yes, Sony's JPEG is not world-class. If I bought RX100, I 'd use RAW only.

Therefore, I decided to take RAW samples to see how big is the difference.

Same ISO800 G15 vs ISO1600 RX100 vs ISO3200 G1X.

And again for all Sony fans RX100 and G1X samples are from the center of the image and downsized to 12Mp to match G15 output.

Canon G15 ISO800 RAW

Canon G15 ISO800 RAW

Sony RX100 ISO1600 RAW

Sony RX100 ISO1600 RAW downsampled to 12Mp

Canon G1X ISO3200 RAW

Canon G1X ISO3200 RAW downsampled to 12Mp

As one can see,

RAW brings Sony back on track thx to a 20+ Mp sensor providing IQ similar to G15 and may be even a tad sharper (do not forget that samples are not from the corners but center of the studio shot)

G1X has an overall win in terms of microcontrast, sharpness, and details.

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