FF lens on apsc, good or bad?

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Re: FA 50/1.4

Thanks for the tech info guys, glad to hear the actual rez isn't affected by the image circle through the lens. One reason I was liking the DA35 2.4 is it scored very well on CA through all apertures (I believe .6 or less), and had good rez numbers even wide open. All this for $200'ish is a great deal for me right now. Later on, as in a couple years from now, I will be using * and LTD glass only, but MY minister of finances is limiting my budget to about $2k. This includes the K5II-s, and now the accessories (lenses, battery grip, maybe tripod).

So maybe the DA35 2.4 and a longer zoom, 85 or 100mm, but I am also interested in the F35mm F2. That one is about $100 more but it's FF so it will work with the cheap extension tubes which I just bought and I won't have to replace it when pentax gives us a FF body. My super zoom is FF, so with the F35mm, and maybe the F100 2.8 ($275 online), I could have a decent quality FF setup for not much cash. The only thing left to grab is something weather sealed as I would enjoy shooting thunderstorms from my roof !

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