Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

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Re: Canon G15 Beats Sony RX100 in Picture Quality

We all know that sensor size matters.

So, to make it fair,

I decided to compare G15 ISO800 vs RX100 ISO1600 vs G1X ISO3200 JPEGs

from the center part of the image where cameras produce most amount of details.

To normalize output, and satisfy RX100 fanboys, I downsampled RX100 and G1X images to 12Mp in order to match G15's output.

Here are the results:

Sony RX100 ISO1600 JPEG

Sony RX100 ISO1600 JPEG resized to 12Mp

Canon G15 ISO800 JPEG

Canon G15 JPEG

Canon G1X ISO3200 JPEG

Canon G1X ISO3200 JPEG resized to 12Mp

As one can see G15 holds the ground very well against both large sensored compacts

with overall win by G1X in terms of details retained.

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