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Re: The Medical Problem of drug addicition

Chato wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

It is my opinion that our government does not want to stop drugs. Yes, they put on a dog and pony show to indicate they are concerned, but I think Bush clearly showed it is a dog and pony show. Remember the drug cartel leader that was spotted by two Border Patrol agents at the Mexican border - on our side of the border? They shot at him, but he turned around and went back into Mexico.

Bush jailed the Border Patrol agents, and guaranteed the drug lord safe passage into the USA to testify against the Border Patrol agents.

Perhaps the Border Patrol agents had instructions not to shoot unless threatened. In such a case I can understand arresting the agents. I can understand firing the agents if this was the case. But why did the drug lord need to come to the USA? In my opinion the message sent to the drug dealers was very clear: Our Border Patrol has instructions not to shoot you. Your safe and you may conduct your business as you see fit. And note, I don't remember one congressman or senator objecting to what Bush did.

If this is true, and I have no proof that it is, then the drug problem will not be solved no matter what we do until government is fixed.

The Drug Problem cannot be solved by force in a free society. It is NOT the dealers who create the drug problem - It is the users. The more the government acts to jail dealers, the greater the profit for ​someone who is ready to take the risk.

And how many will take the risk if there's a 10,000 percent profit?

And far worse, plain and simple Alcohol is a far more powerful drug then heroin or it's competitors.

Drug use and addiction (And I leave out Pot, because it's simply not a dangerous drug) is a medical problem. We are literally spending ​hundreds of billions of dollars a year in enforcement and incarceration to treat a medical problem as a criminal problem.

There is nothing criminal about me drinking my favorite Ale, even though alcohol is extrememly addictive.

Therefore there is nothing criminal about someone using heroin on the weekend even though it too is extrememly addicitive.

The question here is; Do we wish to make someone's ​personal medical problems, a problem for all of us?

Heroin is actually cheaper than alcohol - And if people rob and steal to get it, it's because we have made it into a substance more valuable than gold.

We ​SHOULD​ be concerned about citizens who need escape so badly that they become addicted to drugs. But we should be concerned in the same way we are concerned about any medical problem.

Legalise, end the crime, end the "Romance," and deal with the real issues.


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jeez, the world trembles...

I agree with Dave, Mentor and that other goofball Canadian.

It's time to put away the stupidity of prohibition.

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