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Re: A Conservative friend of mine

smallcams wrote:

Sounds like he didn't prepare well enough.

Are you 100% certain they wouldn't have survived without the FEDERAL government? Why didn't you offer to squeeze them into your shack? Without the FEDS you could have been of no help? Don't you think, even without FEMA, your stupid state couldn't adapt to put some safeguards in place? They can't manage their own emergency plans? I don't see what the FEDS are doing is natural disaster preparations and relief business. It's all so unnecessary. Just an expensive, tangled, bureaucratic mess. Let the states do their own preparations for these events. Each state is different in what they might require for certain disasters. Why does Arizona need to contribute to Louisiana flood relief? It's BS.

​We are ​NOT ​solitary predators living in the jungle. We are a Social Animal, who help each other in hard times,

You got this part right.

and we do this by organizing governments.

You got this part mostly WRONG, unless you mean local and state governments.

I think the basic premise of federal disaster relief is this:

1. Because it is funded at a national level it can draw more resources from more people, thus spreading the risks/costs over a broader group.  This is insurance theory 101, its how all insurance works, so it seems logical for disaster relief as well, they're very similar.

2. If your local government disaster relief facility was washed out along with all the residents, then they're not going to be able to help at all, are they?  Having a relief center at ground zero of the disaster tends to be a poor logistical choice.  Also, just how much money are you going to raise locally, so adequate funding would probably be a problem in most cases.

3. State level may be workable, it may be big enough to help, and geographically distributed enough to remain viable during the disaster, but what about small states in the East.  They may not be a whole lot better than a local attempt.

Finally, regarding Arizona/Louisiana, its a national effort to help each other when needed, not to assess who has the highest or lowest risk and opt out when we think we're immune.  Louisiana residents probably don't care if Arizona is running rampant with illegal aliens from Mexico coming over their border, but their taxes help pay for the federal border patrol people who work in Arizona.  Sometimes you give, sometimes you take, its that simple.

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