How do you turn off Windows 8 auto-rotation of thumbnail view?

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Re: How do you turn off Windows 8 auto-rotation of thumbnail view?

I would install Irfanview and stop using Microsoft image-viewing software. Irfanview runs fine on Windows 8 (according to their website) and has a thumbnail view when you want it.

One thing I hate about Microsoft image viewer (whatever it's called on various releases) is that it rewrites files on your SD card! That is very destructive and caused me to lose pictures, because the camera could not deal with the SD card after rewriting.

Irfanview does not do that, unless you run lossless JPEG rotate (or similar lossless operations) that work directly on the JPEG.

TangoMan wrote:

Hi everyone,
I've just got a new laptop with windows 8 installed and I kind of like it (now that I have learned all the keyboard shortcuts that are needed to be productive with the mostly invisible interface...)
My question is "how do you turn off thumbnail autorotation?" I use my favorite software to view, sort and rotate the pictures, but annoyingly, once a picture is rotated, windows 8 insist on rotating it even more in the windows explorer. So my portrait rotated images, probably still having "the flag", are displayed as landscape again... (they are really portrait now, but the explorer or file selector, uploader, etc display them as landscape)
Anyone knows how to make windows ignore the "rotate" flag?

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