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What is the balance of evidence that would convince you that a certain faith-based belief (for instance the creation story) is wrong?

First let me make it clear that I do not follow the Old Testament - it is the Law of Moses and it pre dates Christianity. I personally believe that the only reason why it is even included in the Christian Bible is as a point of reference so that we can know how things were before God sent his Son so that I could have salvation through Him.

As to the many stories that are told in the Old Testament I do not necessarily think they are all supposed to be taken as literal facts depicting exactly how things happened.

Just a question here.

WHY would you choose not to take the OLD Testament in a literal manner...but merely symbolic. But then, choose to believe everything literally in the NEW Testament?

Why one, but not the other?

I'm curious.


The New Testament tells about the teachings of Christ and it was written by people who for the most part were alive at the time and witnessed the events. I do take these teachings literally, but that does not mean that I take everything in the New Testament literally. For instance the parables of Jesus were clearly just stories intended to teach a lesson, Jesus never intended that these stories be taken as an actual accounting events

the Old Testament was written from approximately 1400 B.C. to approximately 400 B.C long after most of the events in it took place. As I am sure you know the reliability of people telling a story and the accuracy of that story go down with time. I also think that for the most part the stories in the Old Testament are collection of parables intended to teach a lessons rather than being a factual accounting of the events themselves.

Think about this - we know that Jesus was fond of teaching things by telling stories. Considering this when God inspired the authors of the Old Testament I think it might be reasonable that He also used stories as a method of teaching as well

As to your thought about me just picking and choosing what I like, that is not true - It is a fact that the Old Testament has nothing to do with Christianity - It was written and considered to be Jewish Law long before Christ was even born. It does not contain any of the teachings of Christ and Christianity is all about following Christ and his teachings - its not about old Jewish Law

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