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OK, you are not completely alone...

... because I bought mine early also. I know you are getting slammed on here and I think you knew that would happen with the initial post. I understand a little bit your doing that because you have to go somewhere to vent. But...

In my case, I bought mine when I needed to have it. I knew the price would eventually come down, but when it came right down to it I needed/wanted it right then. I guess if you want to look at it as getting a good price by waiting then now would be the best time to buy a 5D MKII.

I'm glad I have the 5D MKIII even if I had to pay a little more to get it earlier than the price drop. Sometimes you just have to shoot from the hip and give it your best shot and then not look back. Knowing what I know about it now, I would have missed not having the 5D MKIII more than the extra money I paid to get it. I can't let my enjoyment (of anything) be spoiled by worrying about how much I had to pay for it.

I understand your point about Canon pricing but if I understand the events correctly, I think the price came down because of the perceived price disparity between the 5d MKIII and the D800. I also think the specs didn't jump out enough at first to impress early on and it wasn't until people actually started using the 5D MKIII that the measure of the upgrade was appreciated.

You know your own priorities and how you spend your money and when. If you enjoy photography as much as I do you have another upgrade in your future and you know what you are looking for. Even knowing what I know about the price dropping, if a 7D replacement came out today with the specs I'm hoping for, I would buy right now. Others would die at the thought.

That is just the nature of things. Chalk it up to experience and then put it down. It is not fatal if you do.

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