X Pro 1 - Changing the AF point

Started Jun 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: X Pro1 - AF focus selection point fix

Just bought the X-Pro1 and have the same issue. Those that say using the existing button is fine do not understand ergonomics. If you are manually focusing a lens, your left hand on the lens barrel and your right finger is on the shutter release button. You should not have to move your hand away from the lens to change focus point. I understand that one can do this, but it is not a good ergonomic solution.

Easy fix is for a firmware update to allow the Fn button to be programmed to act as the AF selector then at least it is easily accessible during shooting.

However, Fujifilm needs to understand that this is something its customers would like. I called the FujiFilm Pro Digital US team (1-800-800-3854 Option #1 and then Option #3) and they put me through to a person who said it was an excellent suggestion, took details and said they would pass it onto Japan for consideration. The more people that do this, the better the chances of a change!

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