So now that Obama has another 4 years....

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Re: So now that Obama has another 4 years....

vadimraskin wrote:

Just think about what can be done in USA with all the funding freed up from the military spending! Lack of guaranteed BIG bucks will force defense contractors to switch to civilian production and use their considerable amount of R&D potential to develop new technologies and new products that could make USA a leading tech nation in the world, expand export of high tech products and address trade deficit, create many more jobs in house (address unemployment problem).

I know it won’t happen because military and defense conglomerates are a major part of the national political machine but since you asked…

I think your parting shot is pretty accurate, but wanted to ask about the first paragraph above. If we turn off the military spending, doesn't that include defense contractors as well? Or are you suggesting keeping defense R&D funded, but cut back on bombs, tanks, etc. ? Also, what do you mean by "switch to civilian production", and production of what? Are you saying defense contractors would farm out their work to private companies? Please clarify.

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