Is the megapixel race over?

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Re: Is the megapixel race over?

Mike Gerstner wrote:

RP McMurphy wrote:

You think that we will not see increases in MP - look at the Nokia Pureview 41mp phone!


"Nokia has clarified to say that you are able to take true 38- and 35-megapixel photos with the 808 PureView. It's just that their pixel-level quality will pretty much suck, with Nokia admitting that it added those options as a sort of creative mode more than anything else. To get the real quality, you'll want to benefit from the oversampling technique and downsize to 3-, 5- or 8-megapixel shots."

I think the point was that pixel level quality is more or less irrelevant when comparing cameras.   If you resampled an IPhone 5's image to 38 mpix, I think the Nokias image will look like an Ansel Adams image in comparison.

And that's the point.    The D800's pixel level quality isn't great compared to the D700 (although it's not bad), but if you resample the D800 to 12 mpix, the difference is huge in micro detail as well as noise and dynamic range.

With the advent of microlenses, the advantage of large pixels (which previously had much more imaging surface/unit area) has decreased dramatically.

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