Amazon put D800E under review. Sales halted

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Re: You could be right

Marty4650 wrote:

But I still think halting sales is a drastic measure, and an internal processing problem is something they could correct quietly.

Amazon has been selling things for a long time now, and they are pretty good at doing it. Their internal procedures are probably very good. My guess is that they needed some external help... from Nikon.

Marty your scenario is interesting. I am assuming for the sake of argument that most returns are due to the left focus issue,  a smaller amount due to buyers remorse. So it seems that Amazon and Nikon have worked out this issue in just a couple hours where the end user and Nikon are still hashing it out after six months. What did Nikon tell Amazon that Amazon would just go back to selling the item? Sell them or else we'll cut you off? I am just curious what reason, involving Nikon, there could be that Amazon would pull the product from the sales page, but return it within hours. I suppose it could have been a very short term supply issue, unrelated to camera functionality.

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