Sorry olympus but you lost a loyal customer.

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Re:low light, ambient light

HAhahahahahah! When was the last time you shot a handheld ambient low light scenario that required a bright lens and high iso?
I shoot film periodically! My last roll was fuji superia iso 400 and 800 in my minolta x700 with a bright 50 and in my olympus XA rangefinder. It's a nice discipline for sure and the cameras feel lovely but I gotta say your comment is more of a joke than most of the so called trolls you guys like bantering with!
Quality low light with iso400 film!!!??? Maybe for the film era they were considered quality but not today. . .sorry time moves on and so does photography, some photos are timeless and I very much understand that but we're talking technical quality here.

BTW I'm not talking tripods either becuase i'd like to assume we're all on the same page when it comes to knowing that it doesn't take a special camera to shoot static low light shots on a tripod. .

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