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Most folks who share their settings in the Nikon forum turn off the sharpening in the 5700, to sharpen externally.

At the end of the day, whether you sharpen in camera or out, it's software creating the sharpness of the image. Nikon figures your computer offers more control than they can cram into the camera space.

What settings are you using on the d100? Are you talking about not being able to get jpegs sharp out of the camera or raw sharp out of the camera?

Nikonrad wrote:

F22-Raptor wrote:

Hello all I just bought a Nikon D100 from a CP5700 and the 24-85
AF-S ED-IF lens and notice consistantly out of the camera with no
post processing I get soft images. I try to change my sharpness in
the camera and such but they don't get any sharper. When I go into
NikonView it sharpens them up so they are as sharp as a razor. I
really don't want to have to do this to every image I have. Is
there a way I can get them to come out of my D100 sharp without
having to post process them? Everything else is perfect color ect.
Just soft. Thanks

raptor i'm afraid that you bought a wrong camera for your
pictures... D100 is a digital slr created for creative people with
some basic to professional knowledge about post processing images
and quality printing... form what i see, coolpix 5700 is the camera
for you.. not d100;;
Nikon it:D

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