Sell D3 for D600

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Re: Sell D3 for D600

I have a D3S & D700 and a D600 plus the long lenses, none of the "small"prime  lenses a lot of photographers use since I shoot mainly wildlife and BIF's.  Try the D3 on a flying bumble bee and then the D600.  My D600 nails the the bee more and better than the D3S using the 100 f/2.8 Micro plus a 1.4X TC.  The colour is also much much better than any Nikon I have owned before - D70, D80, D200, D300, D300S.  I must say that noise is not in the class of the D3S. I chose the D600 above the D800 and not for size but because it is a "better" body to use.  Nikon just messed-up by taking out to old and trusted shooting modes on the front.

D600, 400 f/2.8 2X TC - yellow-billed duck

A bumble bee head-on with a 100 mm micro f/2.8

Pics are to show the D600 can deliver - i have shot >2000 image already, mostly birds.  I reckon the loss in frames from the D3S to the D600 is not something i would worry about because 9 f.s means nothing if you cannot pick-up the subject, something all three cameras do.  Try catching flying birds with 800 mm over changing backgrounds on a small moving target.  On slowly moving or stationary subjects, all three bodies deliver.

So, get the D600, it is a gem. I am waiting to test it in January in the Kalahari Desert and will then decide the fate of my two older bodies.

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